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Treatment of brain cancer

Brain cancer is a serious and complex disease, with
in which a malignant tumor forms in the brain. This
the condition requires attention and understanding, since it
symptoms and treatments may vary depending on various factors.

Brain cancer is a complex disease that requires comprehensive
approach to diagnosis and treatment. It is important to emphasize that
the success of treatment depends on a number of factors, including the type
tumor, stage of the disease and general condition of the patient. Early detection of symptoms and timely consultation with a doctor play a decisive role in the fight against this disease.
Symptoms of brain cancer
  • Headache. Frequent and intense pain, especially in the morning, may be one of the first signs.
  • Changes in vision. Blurry vision, double vision, or loss of visual function may be due to a tumor in the brain.
  • Problems with coordination. Inability to maintain balance and coordination may be due to the tumor affecting the brain.
  • Personality changes. Brain cancer can affect emotional state and behavior, causing changes in the patient's personality.
  • Memory impairment. Difficulty remembering, concentrating, and understanding may also be associated with brain cancer.
Diagnosis of brain cancer
Diagnosis of brain cancer includes various methods aimed at identifying and determining the characteristics of the tumor.

Among them:

-Examination and History: The doctor performs a physical examination and collects information about the patient's symptoms and medical history.

-Educational methods: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) can visualize brain structures and detect the presence of a tumor.

-Biopsy: In some cases, a tissue sample may need to be taken to perform a biopsy to determine the type of tumor.
uses TNF to stimulate its own antitumor immunity. It has been proven that the technique allows stopping the growth of a tumor or metastases, as well as the formation of new foci of inflammation.
OncoCareClinic 308
Treatment of brain cancer
  • Surgery: Removal of the tumor may be done surgically, especially if the tumor is accessible to surgery.
  • Radiation therapy: Directed radiation therapy can shrink the size of the tumor and slow its growth.
  • Chemotherapy: Using drugs to kill cancer cells can be an effective treatment, especially in cases of cancer.
  • Cytokinogenetic therapy: the use of this method allows you to destroy the tumor process by activating your own antitumor immunity.
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) thymazine alpha-1 can be
be used with any treatment method in oncology, since
Cytokinogenetic therapy makes it much easier
tolerate the main method of treatment and also complement
and enhances the results of the main treatment.
OncoCareClinic 308
How can OncoCareClinic 308 help you?
  • Achieve positive results from the use of cytokinogenetic therapy for brain cancer in 50% of cases.
  • Helps increase the likelihood of tumor regression and reduce the incidence of relapse.
  • They provide compatibility of cytokinogenetic therapy with other methods, which helps increase the effectiveness of treatment by 20-30%.
  • They guarantee a reduction in the number and intensity of side effects from the use of the main treatment method.
“During cytokinegenetic therapy, the antitumor system is activated. The body produces the cytokine tumor necrosis factor, which helps in the fight against cancer cells. In some people, tumor necrosis factor is not produced in sufficient quantities, possibly due to a mutation in the TNF 308 gene. But TNF Thymosin alpha1 can be added to the body to activate the immune response on  tumor growth."
Oncologist Ben Ammar Mohammed Amir:
Main stages of treatment:
Consultation with our specialist (review of medical histories)
Prescribing an individual treatment plan
Determination of TNF levels and TNF 308 gene mutations
Constant monitoring of your condition under the supervision of our doctors
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