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Treatment of prostate cancer using cytokinogenetic therapy restores quality of life and transfers the disease to a sluggish form in 87% of cases.
How can we help?
  • Destruction of the tumor
    This method increases the concentration of the cytokine TNF in the body, which stimulates the immune response to the cancer tumor, even provoking its programmed self-destruction (apoptosis).
  • Can be combined with other treatment methods
    Cytokinogenetic therapy can be combined with other methods, increasing the effectiveness of treatment by 20−30%.
  • Almost no side effects
    Cytokine-based drugs do not have significant side effects.
  • Treatment at home
    The course of treatment can be completed outside the hospital ward.
  • Doctor on call
    Our oncologists can conduct not only a face-to-face consultation, but also an online appointment.
Cytokinogenetic therapy leads to positive results in 87% of prostate cancer cases.

Let's stop tumor growth
and reduce the likelihood of relapse.
at OncoCareClinic 308
Prostate cancer is treatable.
Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a stressful time for men of any age. Patients may experience many fears and concerns about the loss of health and quality of life associated with traditional treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The Cytokinogenetic method helps patients tolerate the adjacent treatments more easily with less side effects. It transforms prostrate cancer into a more manageable form.

Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) can be used with any method of treatment in oncology, since cytokinegenetic therapy makes it much easier to tolerate the main method of treatment and it also complements and enhances the results of the main treatment.


Vladimir Zarkua
Our unique cytokine therapy method activates the production of acute phase proteins of inflammation, thereby reducing inflammation itself.

The basis of the cytokine therapy method lies in strengthening the immune system —it is what protects the body from all external threats (viruses, bacteria, fungi), and controls the destruction of dead or damaged own cells.

Your health is in our methodology.
Main stages of treatment:
Consultation with our specialist (review of medical histories)
Prescribing an individual treatment plan
Determination of TNF levels and TNF 308 gene mutations
Constant monitoring of your condition under the supervision of our doctors
Real story of therapy
Name hidden at  patient's request,
59 years old
Patient K. 59 years old. Prostate cancer T4N1M1 IV st
Metastases to bones, lymph nodes.
Received therapy: Hormonal therapy, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy
No positive dynamics were observed with the therapy received.

Before treatment
more than 3 ng/ml
After treatment
up to 0.063 ng/ml
Before treatment
less than 1 pg/ml
After treatment
TNF level rose to 157.1 pg/ml
Before treatment
Karnofsky scale 80
After treatment
Karnofsky scale 100
Urologist-andrologist-oncologist Vladimir Zarkua
Cytokinogenetic therapy was prescribed, against the background of which there was a positive trend in reducing the PSA level to 0.063 ng/ml. MR picture without signs of process activity. Examination of the bone structure revealed no secondary bone lesions. TNF level rose to 157.1 pg/ml. Karnofsky scale 100.
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