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Treatment of lung cancer using Cytokinogenetic method transforms cancer into a controlled form in 75% of cases.
Cytokinogenetic therapy helps restore a deep breath
Lung cancer does not clinically manifest itself for a long time at stages 1-2, and a number of patients are against surgery, especially since the diagnosis of cancer is often not confirmed at an early stage. It is necessary to continue observations in order to timely diagnose the development of oncology at the earliest stage.
OncoCareClinic 308 offers patients with lung cancer to transfer oncology from acute to chronic form, to improve the quality of life with the help of treatment with the cytokinogenetic method. It is based on the introduction of TNF Thymosin alpha 1 into the body, due to which the total amount of tumor necrosis factor increases  - which can activate antitumor immunity,
and therefore, contribute to the body’s fight against cancer.

The concept of lung cancer includes malignant neoplasms of different morphology and clinical course. Tumors develop
from  epithelial cells of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, pulmonary alveoli, bronchial mucous glands of the bronchioles.
Real story of therapy
Andrey Ilyushin
Patient Oksana, 51 years old
Имя изменено по просьбе пациентки
Diagnosis Adenocarcinoma of the right lung, stage IV . Metastases to  lungs.

Our patient refused  the operation and  subsequent examination of the tumor, not  thinking that it could be cancer. Oksana was not examined for four years and decided to simply forget about this problem. And this led to disastrous results.

The diagnosis of lung cancer was confirmed, and  it  gave metastases. In 2021, the patient’s condition deteriorated sharply, and she realized that she still wanted to live. The search for rescue methods took time; in  October 2021, the patient decided to try cytokinegenetic therapy.
Sequence of treatment:
  • 1
    Determination of blood TNF level and presence of TNF 308 gene mutation.
  • 2
    Maintenance rehabilitation therapy and a parallel course of cytokinogenetic therapy with tumor necrosis factor Thymosin alpha and gamma interferon.
  • 3
    Increasing the dosage of TNF Thymosin alfa. Resumption of chemotherapy according to the previous regimen in combination with TNF Thymosin alpha and gamma interferon.
  • 4
    We carried out 3 courses of chemotherapy and 2 courses of cytokinegenetic therapy, and noted that the blood TNF level reached 26 pg/ml.
  • 5
    We continued chemotherapy in  combination with  cytokinogenetic therapy.
Tumor size:
Before treatment
The lesion in the  right lung is 5.5 cm (proportional).
Multiple foci (metastases) in  both lungs 2 see.
After treatment
Right lung —focus 2.5 cm (proportional).
TNF level:
Before treatment
2.5 pg/ml
After treatment
5 pg/ml
Assessment of quality of life according to the Karnofsky scale:
Before treatment
After treatment
Before treatment
Condition of moderate severity,
shortness of breath when walking, severe paroxysmal dry cough.
After treatment
The general condition is satisfactory, a slight cough persists.
Oksana did not tolerate chemotherapy well and suffered from abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and weakness. The woman refused further chemotherapy treatment. Only maintenance cytokine therapy was carried out for another 3 months until October 2022. The last computed tomography of the chest was in October 2022. showed stabilization of the process.
You can learn more about Oksana’s story in the program “About the Most Important Thing” with Dr. Myasnikov and our oncologist, where we examined in detail the use of cytokinegenetic therapy for lung cancer.
Stage 4 lung cancer. How to live further?
Program "About the Most Important Thing", broadcast on December 2, 2022, copyright holder VGTRK,
Feedback from patient Oksana:
“I really thought that everything would go away on its own, and it wasn’t cancer. You are the one to blame. Thank you very much to Andrey Ilyushin and  the work of the clinic for  improving the quality of life! Now plans for  full recovery. Take care of yourself and get checked regularly. And if anything - contact OncoCareClinic 308!”
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