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Ovarian cancer treatment

Treatment of ovarian cancer using cytokinogenetic therapy by increasing TNF (tumor necrosis factor) is effective in 90% of cases.
Ovarian cancer is not a death sentence
Ovarian cancer occupies a leading position in the list of causes of death in women, thousands of new cases are registered every year, more than 50% are fatal. This insidious malignant tumor is more often detected at late stages, which makes treatment of the disease difficult. Many give up, stop fighting the disease and looking for a chance to prolong life.

OncoCareClinic 308 treats cancer with a method that increases the level of the cytokine TNF in the body and activates the immune response to cancer growth.
Umarova Safiya Vakhaevna
Real story of therapy
Patient Olga, 71 years old
Patient Lykova Olga Nikolaevna, 71 , pensioner, lives in Samara. December 2021, diagnosis —ovarian cancer, stage 3. Surgical intervention is impossible due to peritoneal carcinomatosis of the peritoneum (secondary multiple neoplasms, in the form of nodes, in the parietal (parietal) peritoneum). 3 courses of polychemotherapy resulted in the development of renal failure. Symptomatic therapy is recommended. As fate would have it, in the “About the Most Important” program, the patient heard about cytokinogenetic therapy and decided to take this chance.
In 2022, a 3rd course of cytokinogenetic therapy was prescribed. When completing the 2nd course in December 2022, the analysis of the TNF level was 118 pg/ml, which indicated a slowdown in the growth dynamics of the cancer tumor.
Tumor size:
Before treatment
The tumor of the left ovary is 19×30 mm, next to the ovary there is a tumor formation of 30×25 mm.
Carcinomatosis of the peritoneum with a thickness of up to  37×33 mm.
After treatment
The tumor of the left ovary without dynamics is 19×30 mm, the tumor formation next to the ovary has decreased to 20×21 mm.
Before treatment
Enlarged lymph nodes up to 32×28mm on the left and up to 33×27mm on the right.
After treatment
Peritoneal carcinomatosis decreased in maximum size to 22 mm in diameter. The lymph nodes have shrunk to  16×21 mm on  both sides.
TNF level:
Before treatment
2.9 pg/ml
After treatment
90 pg/ml
Assessment of quality of life according to the Karnofsky scale:
Before treatment
After treatment
Before treatment
I stopped caring for myself by  70%, restrictions on  independent movement around  the city, lethargy.
After treatment
Full self-care, free movement around the city, physical activity (swimming).
Feedback from patient Olga:
I'm so pleased, you can't imagine! Before this I couldn eat or cook. They forced me to eat, I ate baby food. But this was during  treatment in the spring. Then the medicine said about me: “While nothing has been shown to you, go and rest.” And   when I   already in  September saw  in your program about the treatment method of cytokinegenetic therapy, I  decided to try it. And here I am myself, one might say, now I am treating myself. I give myself injections. It was a pleasure to prepare for this New Year and throughout January I have been going to the pool and swimming. Many thanks to OncoCareClinic 308 for the  opportunity to LIVE and  not  exist!
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