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Oncology treatment
OncoCareClinic 308
The world's first and only cancer treatment using

Cytokinоgenetic Therapy

controls and manages cancer at any stage of the disease

Blocks tumor growth
Regresses metastases
The method is indicated for all stages of the disease
Prevents cancer recurrence
Prolongs remission
Can be used as a preventative measure for high risk patients who are genetically predisposed to cancer

All drugs used in the clinic are registered with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Guaranteed results
at stage 3-4:

    • Breast cancer:
    1. hormone dependent 92%
    2. triple negative 86%
    • Lung cancer 93%
    • Prostate cancer 87%
    • Melanoma 82%
    • Stomach cancer 80%
    • Ovarian cancer 83%
    • Rectal cancer 80%
    • Pancreatic cancer 78%
    • Esophageal cancer 73%
    • Bladder cancer 68%
    • Cervical cancer 90%
    • Kidney cancer 82%
    • Brain cancer 50%

Data summarises a positive response to therapy in percentage.

  • 20 year



  • Experienced doctors

    Our doctors work with modern methods of treating oncology
  • 4200 patients

    Already completed treatment with positive dynamics
  • In person and online consultations
    We work globally, in person and online. We deliver the treatment to all countries.
Why us?

The clinic uses a modern method of antitumor therapy with no toxicity to the body. Our therapy activates the immune system's response to the emerging cancer with the participation of TNF-T-α1 (Tumor Necrosis Factor-Thymosin alpha 1). We have found how to help the immune system fight cancer.

Only by activating the body's immune system can the disease be brought under long-term control.

Not only does the therapy help minimise the adverse events of the alternative therapies, especially chemotherapy; but it also increases their effectiveness. The therapy is suitable for patients whose cases are non-operable.

Our treatment method is confirmed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Answer 5 questions and find out if Cytokinogenetic Therapy is right for you.
How it works?
With a genetic mutation of TNF308, the body produces an insufficient amount of cytokines that can block the development and  growth of cancer cells. Therefore, when exogenous TNF-T cytokines (TNF Thymosin alpha 1) are introduced into the body, they immediately combine with endogenous cytokines secreted by the body itself and have an enhanced effect on cancer cells. By selectively blocking the blood vessels of cancer cells, cytokines deprive them of blood supply. Comprehensively penetrating the nucleus of the cancer cell, cytokines explode it from the inside, leading to self-destruction of the cancer cell, or apoptosis. You can learn even more on the “About method” page
Our doctors
Our doctors undergo additional training on yearly basis to improve their qualifications and stay up to date with medical industries to deliver best treatment methods to our patients.

Consultation with leading oncologist

Ben Ammar Mohamed Amir

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Ben Ammar Mohamed Amir

Work experience 15 years

Our method can be combined with any primary or adjuvant cancer treatment methods.

The use of Cytokinogenetic Therapy allows you to get the maximum effect in combination with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and surgical treatment methods.
Our clinic follows an individualised approach to each case. The patient receives a tretment regimen specifically designed to the patient's condition, needs, and medical history.

Our goals:

  • 1
    Life extension
  • 2
    Improving quality of life
  • 3
    Preventing relapse
  • 4
    Boosting immunity
  • 5
    Prolongation of remission
  • 6
    Stabilization of the oncological process

We work with patients from all over the word. Our clinic will assign doctors to see you in person or virtually via a video call. Doctors will study the patient's medical file, and design a treatment plan.

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