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Mammary cancer

Treatment of breast cancer using Cytokinogenetic method restores the quality of life of the patient by controlling the disease in 86% of cases.
What does OncoCareClinic 308 provide?
Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a very stressful time for a woman of any age. The female patient develops many fears and concerns about the loss of their female attributes that the traditional methods of treatments cause (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy).

Cytokinogenetic therapy will help women tolerate the mentioned treatments with less side effects to help maintain their feminine attributes and allows cancer to become a manageable form.
How we can help:
  • Effect in 86% of cases
    Cytokinogenetic therapy is effective in 86% of breast cancer cases, increases the likelihood of stopping tumor growth and reduces the risk of relapse.
  • Destruction of the tumor
    The method increases the level of the cytokine TNF in the body, which mobilizes the immune response to the growth of a cancer tumor, up to its programmed self-destruction (apoptosis).
  • Can be combined with other treatment methods
    Cytokinogenetic therapy can be combined with other methods, increasing the effectiveness of treatment by 20−30%.
  • Relief of side effects from other therapies
    Cytokinogenetic therapy can reduce the side effects of the main treatment.
  • Treatment at  home or  clinic
    The course of treatment can be completed outside the hospital ward.
  • In in touch with doctor
    Our oncologists can conduct not only a face-to-face consultation, but also an online appointment.
Oncologist Ben Ammar Mohammed Amir:
“During cytokinegenetic therapy, the antitumor system is activated. The body produces the cytokine tumor necrosis factor, which helps in the fight against cancer cells. In some people, tumor necrosis factor is not produced in sufficient quantities, possibly due to a mutation in the TNF 308 gene. But TNF thymosin alpha1 can be added to the body to activate the immune response on  tumor growth."
Real story of therapy
Patient Olga, 41 years old
Oncologist Ben Ammar Mohammed Amir describes a clinical case: Patient Olga, 41 years old. Diagnosis: Left breast cancer, adenocarcinoma, triple negative cancer.
Sequence of treatment:
  • 1
    Determination of blood TNF level and presence of TNF 308 gene mutation.
  • 2
    Maintenance rehabilitation therapy and a parallel course of cytokinogenetic therapy with tumor necrosis factor thymosin alpha1 and interferon gamma.
  • 3
    Increasing the dosage of TNF thymosin alpha1. Resumption of chemotherapy according to the previous regimen in combination with TNF thymosin alpha1 and interferon gamma.
  • 4
    We carried out 3 courses of chemotherapy and 2 courses of cytokinegenetic therapy, the blood TNF level reached 26 pg/ml.
  • 5
    We continued chemotherapy in  combination with  cytokinogenetic therapy.
Tumor size:
Before treatment
The breast tumor is 2.8 cm in diameter, in the axillary region up to 1.3 cm in diameter.
Lesions in  liver up to 3 cm in diameter.
After treatment
The tumor in the mammary gland decreased by 1.2 cm in diameter, and the lesion in the axillary region was no longer detectable. Foci in  liver from 0.5 to  1.5 cm in  diameter.
TNF level:
Before treatment
2 pg/mg
After treatment
46 pg/ml
Assessment of quality of life according to the Karnofsky scale:
Before treatment
After treatment
Before treatment
Nausea, vomiting, aches in  bones, temperature up to  37.8C.
After treatment
The patient's condition has completely returned to normal.
Cytokinegenetic therapy increased the effect of chemotherapy treatment, while reducing its side effects and positively affecting the quality of life.
Words from patient Olga:
“Before the illness, I was very bright, had long hair, played sports, was constantly on the move, and here I had to... I just smeared cream on my body one day and here - I discovered a tumor, I felt it myself. After cytokinogenetic therapy, things really got better. There are a lot of plans for  life. I want to thank the doctors. They tried to get me out of this state, and my close people, who were next to me, tried to support me. And in general I very grateful, thank you very much!”
You can learn more about Olga’s story in the program “About the Most Important Thing” with Dr. Myasnikov and our expert oncologist, where we examined in detail the use of cytokinogenetic therapy for breast cancer.
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