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Why am I losing so much weight?

Do you notice that you are losing weight without any effort? Take such a non-trivial factor extremely carefully, because most likely this is a sign of a serious illness.
If you notice that your clothes are becoming loose and your weight is falling without any effort or diet, you should sound the alarm. Unintentional sudden weight loss may be caused by a medical condition. Most often this is:

If you notice that you are losing weight without much effort, do not hesitate - consult a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the cause and make the correct diagnosis.

Attention to detail: nutritional and vitamin deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the likely causes of unintentional weight loss. Occurs when the body does not absorb the required amount of vitamins, microelements and other nutrients.
The main cause of deficiency is poor nutrition. That is, the diet lacks the components required by the human body.
The second reason is disorders of the digestive system. Because of this, nutrients are not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and the body's needs are not met.
According to the US Department of Health, the most common deficiencies in people are:
Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Folic acid
Due to poor diet or eating disorder, a person may experience stomach, skin and hair problems, changes in bone structure (abnormal growth or fragility), and brain problems (dementia).

Symptoms of lung cancer

There were 228,150 new cases of lung cancer in the United States in 2019, according to the American Cancer Society. Smoking was identified as the most common cause of the disease.
Experts call weight loss and loss of appetite among the first symptoms of respiratory tract cancer. According to oncologists of the CancerCare charity, the immune system actively produces special proteins - cytokines - to fight the disease. But long-term secretion of these components leads to a decrease in both appetite and body weight.

Liver cancer symptoms

Clinical manifestations of secondary lesions depend on the organ in which they are located. If the lungs are damaged, severe shortness of breath may be a concern, not only during physical activity, but also at rest, as well as a cough with sputum streaked with blood. When the brain is damaged, headaches in the morning, dizziness, blurred vision (double vision), convulsions, speech disorders, and sensory distortions are observed. Common symptoms are:

  • fast fatiguability;
  • constant feeling of weakness, fatigue;
  • permanent feeling of pain in the affected area;
  • cramps and bleeding;
  • cognitive and functional disorders.

The appearance of distant metastases is detected with an accuracy of up to 90% using special “golden” diagnostic methods: CT, MRI, PET-CT, ultrasound. The research technique is chosen by the attending physician based on the type of cancer the patient has, as well as the expected location of the formation of a secondary tumor (according to general symptoms).

An examination to identify possible foci of metastasis is carried out in patients:

  • before the start of the treatment course;
  • after surgical removal of the primary tumor.

Losing weight? See a doctor urgently!

Nutrient deficiencies, lung cancer, and liver cancer can be life-threatening. Experts say that treatment in the early stages will help cope with diseases and restore normal functioning of the body.
However, the above diseases are not a complete list of causes of sudden, unintentional weight loss. Don't try to diagnose yourself. Only a professional doctor can determine the exact cause of the changes and prescribe appropriate treatment.


Sudden weight loss is not only a consequence of poor nutrition or a special diet. Perhaps this is one of the symptoms of such dangerous diseases as cancer of internal organs. A competent doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. So call and book an appointment to OncoCare Clinic 308. Our specialists will identify the disease and select the most optimal treatment methods.

Author of the article:

Aleksanyan Aleksan Zavenovich

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