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Aleksanyan Aleksan Zavenovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences
Oncologist, mammologist, surgeon
Experience 49 years
Why I use the cytokinogenetic therapy method:
As you can see, I dedicated my career to the anti-cancer front (so to speak) - I worked as an oncologist for more than 45 years. Over the years of work, I have seen, consulted and operated on hundreds and thousands of patients - in many cases it was possible to help the patient, in some the efforts made were ineffective or ineffective. In some cases, unsatisfactory results were observed even in patients with the initial stages of the disease, where the entire arsenal of modern treatment methods was used. My experience allows me to talk about the presence of many unresolved problems in oncology. The impossibility of radical removal of common tumors due to germination in   adjacent organs and   tissues, chemo- and   radioresistance of most neoplasms to  drug or radiation exposure, the impossibility of using certain methods and  treatment approaches due to the presence of contraindications to their use and a number of other reasons —these are the main reasons for treatment failures in cancer patients. Taking into account modern realities, we have to agree with the opinion of many researchers that the expectation of a final victory over malignant tumors must be rejected as a myth and humanity has no other alternative than to learn to coexist with malignant tumors diseases.

The problem of treatment is of particular relevance in patients with advanced stages III-IV of the disease, in which all possibilities of treatment methods have been exhausted and patients are content with only palliative and symptomatic treatment measures that temporarily prolong life and #nbsp. ;slightly relieving suffering.

Any doctor (not just an oncologist) will confirm that managing such patients is very difficult—the inability to help the patient with anything depresses and disarms the doctor. The great Russian writer A. P. Chekhov said: “No other specialty sometimes brings so many gloomy experiences and shocks as medicine.” I think, first of all, this relates to the specialty of an oncologist.
Advantages of the method from a doctor's point of view:
My acquaintance with the method of cytokinogenetic therapy for cancer patients was useful for me. At first, as usual when becoming acquainted with a new and promising method, my attitude was somewhat wary. However, with a more detailed and close acquaintance with the current principles and mechanisms of this approach to the therapy of cancer patients, as well as acquaintance with patients who received treatment according to this program, I became more and more convinced that the method was effective and worked. I, like  many existing oncologists, didn’t know about this method a year and a half ago. Today I  can say with  confidence that there is a very effective method for  providing significant assistance to a large group of cancer patients who have exhausted all treatment options. I have already recommended this method to many of my close and  relatives.
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Chief physician
18 years of experience
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
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Oncologist, mammologist, surgeon
Experience 49 years
Deputy chief physician
Oncologist, ultrasound doctor, laser surgeon, mammologist, surgeon
15 years of experience
Candidate of Medical Sciences
22 years of experience
Oncologist, urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
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