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Zarkua Vladimir Tamazievich

Oncologist, urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
5 years experience
Why I use the cytokinogenetic therapy method:
In 2020, I worked in a Covid hospital. Our hospital began to supply the drug Interferon gamma to treat patients of all degrees of severity. This therapy has proven itself very well. I began to study in detail in what cases interferon gamma could still be used and found many articles on the use of this drug in urology. After which I began to use it in the treatment and prevention of urological diseases associated with inflammatory changes. While studying dosages and methods of administration, I found an article about cytokinogenetic therapy where Interferon-gamma and Timazin-alpha-1 were also used, this combination of drugs is used for the treatment and prevention of patients with cancer. At the same time, I found a large number of reviews about the positive results of CHT and began to use this therapy in my practice. I learned that the only clinic in Russia that works using this method is in Moscow. I managed to be among like-minded people - my colleagues and directly successfully use cytokine therapy in the treatment of my patients.
Advantages of the method from a doctor's point of view:
The main goal of this therapy is to increase TNF levels. This allows the body to independently produce TNF in the future to fight atypical tissues (malignant formations).

The advantage of this therapy is that it can be combined with all treatment methods: chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy. Patients note improvements in their condition, the methods described above are much better tolerated, which allows them to achieve positive results.
Our specialists:
Chief physician
18 years of experience
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
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Oncologist, mammologist, surgeon
Experience 49 years
Deputy chief physician
Oncologist, ultrasound doctor, laser surgeon, mammologist, surgeon
15 years of experience
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Consultant physician, onco-geneticist
Candidate of Medical Sciences
22 years of experience
Oncologist, urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
5 years experience
Oncologist, obstetrician-gynecologist
6 years experience
Oncologist, general practitioner
8 years of experience
4 years of experience
Clinical Psychologist

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