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Ben Ammar Mohamed Amir

Deputy Chief Physician
Oncologist, ultrasound doctor, laser surgeon, mammologist, surgeon
15 years of experience
Why I use the cytokinogenetic therapy method:
Before I started using the CHT (cytokinegenetic therapy) method, I read a lot of scientific literature and articles, since the method is modern and not widely used. I found sufficient justification for myself to give the new trend a chance. I now work at OncoCareClinic 308 and see evidence of the effectiveness of the method every day.
Advantages of the method from a doctor's point of view:
The main advantage of CGT is that, in combination with chemotherapy, targeted or immunotherapy, it increases the effectiveness of treatment by 20−30%, depending on the location of the tumor, morphology and  degree of prevalence of the tumor process. Cytokinogenetic therapy is advisable in  combination with  neoadjuvant therapy, as this increases the radicality of subsequent surgery. In the postoperative period, cytokinegenetic therapy, both in combination with chemotherapy and alone, can reduce the risk of relapse and progression of the disease by 3 times.
Our specialists:
Chief physician
18 years of experience
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Highest category
Oncologist, mammologist, surgeon
Experience 49 years
Deputy chief physician
Oncologist, ultrasound doctor, laser surgeon, mammologist, surgeon
15 years of experience
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Consultant physician, onco-geneticist
Candidate of Medical Sciences
22 years of experience
Oncologist, urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
5 years experience
Oncologist, obstetrician-gynecologist
6 years experience
Oncologist, general practitioner
8 years of experience
4 years of experience
Clinical Psychologist

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