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Ilyushin Andrey Leonidovich

Candidate of Medical Sciences
Experience 22 years
Why I use the cytokinogenetic therapy method:
The field of cytokine therapy has existed for a long time, dating back to the end of the 20th century. But a new round in the development of the method in Russia occurred only in 2010, when innovative drugs that had just passed clinical trials began to be used in practice. It was in this year that I resigned from P. A. Oncological Institute named after A. Herzen and was looking for an opportunity to develop in new promising areas of medicine.
Advantages of the method from a doctor's point of view:
In February 2011, I began working in the Oncoimmunology and Cytokine Therapy Clinic as an oncologist, finding myself practically at the origins of the modern development of cytokine therapy. I even managed to talk for some time with the developer of one of the main drugs (Refnot), Academician Shmelev V. A.

Subsequently, I   headed this direction, I am engaged in its development and   the use of drugs in   oncological practice to this day.
Our specialists:
Chief physician
18 years of experience
Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
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Oncologist, mammologist, surgeon
Experience 49 years
Deputy chief physician
Oncologist, ultrasound doctor, laser surgeon, mammologist, surgeon
15 years of experience
Doctor of Medical Sciences
Consultant physician, onco-geneticist
Candidate of Medical Sciences
22 years of experience
Oncologist, urologist, andrologist, ultrasound doctor
5 years experience
Oncologist, obstetrician-gynecologist
6 years experience
Oncologist, general practitioner
8 years of experience
4 years of experience
Clinical Psychologist

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