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Don't give up on cancer - read our patients' stories and find ways to improve your health and quality of life.
Dear friends!

This section of the site contains real cases that exist in  our clinical practice. The patient stories below actually happened in  life. These people live in their cities, have families, raise children, and work. People turn to us for  help from various regions of Russia, and we always try to help, with a variety of oncological diseases, in difficult cases, when they have already given up, exhausted the possibilities of basic methods, but there is the strength and desire to fight the disease. Psychologists believe that if you consider cancer as a challenge to your abilities and believe in the success of treatment, then you can live much longer and get better results from any type of therapy. But if we consider that cancer is a death sentence and everything is lost, not even the most effective medicine can help.

Of course, we don’t have a magic wand that can cure all patients, and currently not a single medicine has been developed that is 100% effective in treating cancer. But the drugs used in the clinic allow in  76−80% of cases to obtain a positive result in  stabilization of the tumor process or reduction in the size of the primary tumor, regression of metastases, and prevent relapse of the disease. At various oncology conferences and congresses are now increasingly talking about that tumors are chronic diseases, the whole body is sick, treatment should be long-term and systematic, like #nbsp ;patients with diabetes mellitus. Quite often it is possible to transform the disease into a slowly ongoing chronic form in order to stabilize it and then you can live with the tumor for quite a long time. By visiting our website, read the stories of our patients, maybe they will be useful to you and help you find a new solution to an existing problem.
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